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Tip: #6 Anniversary Clocks make a great thank you gift

Clocks with your 100th anniversary logo are a timely and trendy gift for your top clients, customers or stakeholders to mark your company milestone. Here is just one example from Ontario’s the Farrow Group.  

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What goes into designing a great Anniversary logo?

The Anniversary Company has worked with many clients on their anniversary celebrations including corporate, family-owned businesses, associations and municipalities. We know what makes a great anniversary logo.

Iowa DOT 100 Years of Powered Flight

IOWA DOT 100 Years

When it’s well executed, it will underpin and drive home your message to the public, employees, stockholders and members. Here are a few examples of 100th Anniversary Campaign logos we admire. Subscribe to our newsletter or Contact The Anniversary Company for more great ideas about how to celebrate your organization’s upcoming milestone.

Girl Scouts celebrate 100th Anniversary with custom badge

Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary

Great anniversary logos:

  • Invoke an emotion or illustrate a message,
  • Reimagine or build on the existing organization logo,
  • Are used to build, engage and cultivate a broader audience,
  • Can be replicated in other media besides print (ex. commemorative pins),
  • Reflect the connection made to your organization’s stakeholders.

100th Anniversary GRCC

100th Anniversary GRCC

The Iowa DOT logo is great because of its simple illustration showing the evolution of aircrafts over the last 100 years. The Girl Scouts were able to turn their clover logo into commemorative pins and badges for scouts to earn.  Grand Rapids Community College ran a logo design contest on their Facebook Page which was a great way to involve the community and simultaneously gain exposure for their anniversary.