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Tip: #6 Anniversary Clocks make a great thank you gift

Clocks with your 100th anniversary logo are a timely and trendy gift for your top clients, customers or stakeholders to mark your company milestone. Here is just one example from Ontario’s the Farrow Group.  

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A successful business anniversary celebration is usually a year-long integrated campaign that will:

  • Help achieve the organization’s strategic goals and objectives
  • Reinforce the organization’s brand.
  • Honor the past, but also launch the future.
  • Target all of the organization’s stakeholders, including employees, retirees, media, customers, suppliers, and more.  These stakeholders typically have a vested interested in the organization, follow its growth carefully, and often feel responsible for its success.

We help organizations design and execute anniversary campaigns that achieve those goals by walking them through a simple eight-phase process.

The process is common sense and the return on investment is considerable, but the time commitment can be overwhelming.

Organizations hire us because their internal staffs do not have the time to manage such significant, high profile projects as well as keep up with their regular workload. The Anniversary Company becomes an extension of our clients’ staffs, walking them through this important period in their history.