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Tip: #6 Anniversary Clocks make a great thank you gift

Clocks with your 100th anniversary logo are a timely and trendy gift for your top clients, customers or stakeholders to mark your company milestone. Here is just one example from Ontario’s the Farrow Group.  

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What goes into designing a great Anniversary logo?

The Anniversary Company has worked with many clients on their anniversary celebrations including corporate, family-owned businesses, associations and municipalities. We know what makes a great anniversary logo. When it’s well executed, it will underpin and drive home your message to the public, employees, stockholders and members. Here are a few examples of 100th Anniversary Campaign […]

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Are you a municipality or local organization celebrating your 75th?

The Anniversary Company has a simple solution for you to make the most of it! Our clean, colorful 75th anniversary logo can be customized with your city’s name and appropriate years and then transferred onto an endless number of promotional items.  No need for you to start from scratch! We’ll include both the electronic and […]

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The roadmap to executing a year-long Anniversary Campaign

The Harley-Davidson brand is synonymous with visions of freedom, cruising the open road, expressing your individuality, and to a certain extent living the ‘American Dream’. Recently the company concluded a year-long campaign celebrating the company’s 110th Anniversary. They organized 16 events around the world from South Africa to Rome. As you explore the work highlighted […]

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