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Tip: #6 Anniversary Clocks make a great thank you gift

Clocks with your 100th anniversary logo are a timely and trendy gift for your top clients, customers or stakeholders to mark your company milestone. Here is just one example from Ontario’s the Farrow Group.  

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STV Incorporated


Professional firm offering engineering, architectural, planning, environmental and construction management services.


100th Anniversary

STV 100th Anniversary




STV 100th Anniversary









STV 100th Anniversary







  • Use its 100th anniversary as an opportunity to thank employees for their hard work and reward them with fun, creative activities.
  • Generate a sense of pride and camaraderie among employees.
  • Partner with a charity.
  • The organization is 100 percent employee owned, so budget was a consideration.


  • An “Anniversary Building Contest with LEGO Building Bricks” in which employees compete and build structures out of LEGO bricks. Winners received cash prizes and donations were made in their names to the local Habitat for Humanity chapter, because both STV and Habitat aspire to improve people’s quality life through the built environment.
  • An “employee photo mosaic,” a 24” x 36” poster made up of individual employee photographs. When viewed close up, the employees’ photos are visible and when viewed from far away, the STV Incorporated 100th Anniversary logo comes into view.
  • An authentic Parker Brothers Monopoly board game customized for STV Incorporated’s 100th anniversary with properties named after actual STV building projects, and game pieces sculpted into a bridge, a hard hat, a school building and the like.


  • Approximately 130 employees from 11 STV offices participated in the Anniversary Building Contest, building everything from a moveable bascule bridge to the Coney Island Parachute Drop to a topographic map of Manhattan. Donations totaling $50,000 were made to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Each of the approximately 1,700 STV employees received a copy of the photo mosaic, and framed copies were delivered to each of its nearly 40 offices.
  • Each employee also received a custom Monopoly game and responded enthusiastically:

– “Our office loves the gift! What a great idea! Can’t wait to play it.”

– “We just received our Anniversary gifts at the Philadelphia office a short while ago. What a great idea and fantastic surprise. My personal thanks for this special gift.”

– “This is just way too cool! What a fantastic idea, wonderful Christmas fun, and great 100 year memento! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the creative and fun things STV has done to commemorate this special anniversary. BRAVO to everyone in Corporate Services.”