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Tip: #6 Anniversary Clocks make a great thank you gift

Clocks with your 100th anniversary logo are a timely and trendy gift for your top clients, customers or stakeholders to mark your company milestone. Here is just one example from Ontario’s the Farrow Group.  

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The Anniversary Company is a creative consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations celebrate the major milestones in their history. Every organization has a milestone to celebrate. If you want to make yours a stand-out in your industry, you’re in the right place.

Our staff is a blend of talented professionals with expertise in the areas of project management, internal and external communications, historical research and knowledge preservation, creative development and production, budget management, marketing, media relations and event management.

Clients hire us because they’re willing and ready to make the investment in their business anniversaries, but they know their internal staffs do not have the time to manage such significant, high profile projects as well as keep up with regular workload. They recognize The Anniversary Company as experts, welcome the creative ideas we bring to the table, and appreciate our ability to pull together a team which includes internal management staff, first line employees, and PR and advertising agencies.

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